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to Electric Shadows
As it is obvious, that the following pages are about me and my work I thought I should reserve the first page to reveal the meaning of the name electric shadows.

When the Europeans brought the art of movies to china, the chinese named this new art form electric shadow plays, after their beloved shadow plays they knew for centuries. As time passed and movies went more popular, the name was simplified and since then film is called electric shadows.

As I have a special preference for asian movies, I made my film university diploma about the hong kong cinema and named it electric shadows. The name sticked in my head and as a token of appreciation and as a good luck sign for my future, I decided stay with this name.

Now that you have learned about the meaning I would like to finish with a quote from a movie, which means very much to me and basically says everything, there is to say about movies:

"I like watching movies. Big or no budget, foreign or local. As long as they are not boring and have fresh ideas".
(from the movie Fulltime Killer)

Enjoy the following pages,
Ingo Wiesinger

Chinese calligraphy: Movies

Camera Technology: 16:9, High Definition

Unterwegs am Pöstlingberg
Award winning documentary: "Unterwegs am Pöstlingberg."