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Made in Hong Kong
Year: 2004
Runtime: 54 min
Country: Austria
Language: German
IMDB Link: Titel tt0425966

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This film was my diploma for the university of film. Hong Kong cinema was my special interest even before I studied film, so I always knew I would want to work with / in this industry. I was working on this movie for over two years. The first scene was shot on December 5 in 2001 at the "The Duel" press converence in Vienna. The last shot was done exactly two years later on December 5 in 2003 in Hong Kong. For optimum insight I've read every German or English language book about this subject matter available and "tons" of articles on and offline. I've seen nearly every important Hong Kong movie since the mid 80's and I even started taking mandarin lessons. In all the years of study I think, I became one of the leading experts of this genre. Not only in Austria but in Europe. The postproduction was finished in July 2004, including all the editing, grafic arts and German voice overs by renowned austria TV and theater actors. The same month I successfully completed my studies and received my university diploma for this documentary. The documentary shows why the asian cinema is so popular around the globe and why fans, critics, stars and hollywood studios are looking at Hong Kong, where entertainment is best. Covering it's mind blowing action, emotional plots, superb performances, razor sharp editing, brilliant film music, beautiful camerawork and often extravagant sets and costumes. A documentary which is as exciting as the genre itself.

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Andy Lau, Hong Kong Superstar

Hong Kong Film Archive

Chan Kwong Wing, Click Music

Edith Cheung, Costume Squad

Lawrence Wong, Shaw Brothers

Cynthia Rothrock, Kampfsport Darstellerin