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Mag.art. Ingo Wiesinger
Born 1974 in Linz, Austria I soon discoverd my joy for images. What started out with drawing and taking photos evolved to filming as I found out how much I loved the moving image in my teenage years. Since then my spare time was captured by cinema. With a learnig by doing spirit I was experimenting with cameras, reading books and watching movies until I was old enough to go to a film university.

In 1996 I started studying film and video at the University of Art in Austria. My teachers were: Janusz Kondratiuk (movie director, very successful in his native country) and Peter Zeitlinger (director of photography, most famous for his work with Werner Herzog).

In the same year I also began working as a freelance cameraman for a private TV station. About 400 aired TV productions (incl. portraits, news bullets, sports events, commercials...) later I started working for Austrias third biggest TV station where I am still working as a cameraman at present.

In Dezember 2003 I opened my web site electricshadows.at which should give more insight into my work. Even though I did a lot of productions I decided to focus on my current projects for the site.

In July 2004 I successfully completed my studies at the University of Art with my documentary: 'Electric Shadows Made in Hong Kong'.

In Dezember 2005 I was given the honor to film the austrian politician delegations audience with pope Benedikt XVI and the illumination of the christmas tree at the Piazza San Pietro at the center of the Vatican. Link to the Trailer.

In August 2006 the documentary 'Unterwegs am Poestlingberg' was completed. This documentary takes a close look at the history of the Poestlingberg and sheds new light at the Grottenbahn, which celebrated its 100th birthday that month.

In November 2006 the documentary 'Unterwegs am Poestlingberg' was voted Best Film 2006 in the professional category at the Upper Austrian Film and Video Competition - OOE im Film.

In June 2007 started my editorial work for the successful online magazine 'Huscarl'. There I write articles for the cultural department, with a special focus on Film, Literature and Graphic Novels.

In September 2007 the cinematic compendium for the play "The last days of Mankind" in a staging by the Theaterspectacel Wilhering was completed. The play itself represents one of the most important and successful stagings that year.

In January 2009 the High Definition Age starts for me. Due to the purchase of a new Camera System all future projects can be realized glorious in 16:9 and HD.

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